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Velo sp. z o.o.

Best design contest / closing date: 06.03.2015, 15:00 (CEST)
STATUS: contest finished
Budget: 239,19
Award paid in PLN
Two catalogue covers for Velo sp. z o.o, company founded in 1993, dealing with importing and distributing bicycles, bicycle parts, accessories and cycling clothing for over 15 years.

General information

Company name: Velo sp. z o.o.
About the company:
Velo sp. z o.o. company was founded in 1993. For more than 15 years we have been importing and distributing bicycles, bicycle parts, accessories and cycling clothing. Our company is created by people who combine their work with passion for cycling. We use their knowledge and years of experience to respond to the bicycle market needs, therefore together with our partners we create the largest nationwide network of cycling specialty shops - "Good Bike Shops".
In our offer you can find products from the following brands:
Target group:
The catalogue is created for retail customers.
What is the aim of the project? What message should it convey?
We're looking for the design of two single-page covers for our new catalogue. The catalogue will consist of two parts: 1) bike offer and 2) parts, biking clothes and accesories. We need two separate, but consistent covers for both parts.
The cover for part 1 of the catalogue (bikes) should inform that inside, the client will find 3 brands of bikes, representing different types of biking, from road to urban/recreational cycling.
The second cover should convey that in the catalogue there's an offer from 22 different brands with everything that a cyclist might need (from parts to clothes and accessories).

About the project:

Size: A4
Formal requirements:

IMPORTANT! We're looking ONLY for an idea for three blocks that can be seen on the covers (please refer to the attache files). The way of filling of these blocks is up to the designer (3 different pictures, one picture or graphics).

Additional information from contestholder:
The catalogue has two "first" covers: one for bikes and the other one, at the end, flipped by 180 degrees, for parts, clothes and accessories.

Prefered styl of the advertisement::

Colour scheme:
The covers need to be consistent both in style and color with the current catalogue, which can be seen here:
Tips for the overall style of advertising:
(5-"exactly yes", 0-"completely not")
Professional, Modern, Graphic
We're also open to avant-garde, bold, serious, official or elegant propositions, but please abstain from artistic styles.


Download files:

Additional materials from the contest holder:

technical requirements and terms and conditions

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Second place according to the contest holder
Third place according to the contest holder
Most "likes"
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European Union
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