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Best design contest / closing date: 25.02.2015, 15:00 (CEST)
STATUS: contest finished
Budget: 239,19
Award paid in PLN
Logo for a new website called "Zakup Mieszkanie" ? literal meaning "buy a house".

General information

Type of logo: we're open to suggestions
Name of business: (meaning "buy a house")
Business description and its target group
The website is aimed at selling of apartments in the primary market, directly from developers and investment in condohotel housing type. The website's target are both for people who want to buy an apartment for themselves and investors.

About the new logo

Company character and mission: We'd like the logo to convey the feelings of reliability, safety, comfort and professionalism.

Preffered style of the logo:

Prefered colours:
We do not have color preferences, we're open to suggestions.
Graphic style:
professional, minimalistic, serious, modern

technical requirements and terms and conditions

Best design according to the contest holder
Second place according to the contest holder
Third place according to the contest holder
Top rated
Most "likes"
innovative economy
European Union
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