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What qualities should a good logo have?

First of all, a logo builds your brand image, so it should be unique and well designed to help increasing your brand recognition. A well-made logo attracts attention and encourages the client to find out more about the company. The first impression that the logo gives is crucial in making an impact with the client; and remember we only have one chance to make a good first impression.

It is important that the logo design procedure is carried out the right way. A professional designer will always ask you what the audience, the target of your brand and the general image you want to convey are. This is why our brief is designed to help the designers understand your needs and send you the most appropriate artwork. Having a holistic approach is how you build the most successful brand identity.

how does it work?

Give your instructions and all the necessary information to the designers by filling out a special form (the brief). If you want, our experts can help you fill it out. Specify, the budget for your logo and start the contest immediately after the payment is confirmed!
Hundreds of designers are creating proposals just for you. During the contest you can give them suggestions to get the logo that?s right for you! You can save the best artwork in your ?favorites? section, which makes the final choice easier!
Choose the logo that best fits your idea, and that?s all you?ve had to pay for! Right after selecting the winner you get immediate access to the source files and start using it in your marketing material!

logo example

Design contest :
Logo Willa Regle
One of :
246 proposals
sent by :
104 the designers
Design contest :
One of :
223 proposals
sent by :
90 the designers
Design contest :
One of :
311 proposals
sent by :
139 the designers
Design contest :
One of :
202 proposals
sent by :
81 the designers
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