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packaging graphic design

What are the features of a good packaging?

A good packaging, most importantly, is one that stands out on the shelf. You might have the best product, with the clearest instruction manual and an amazing value for money, if people cannot see it on a shelf from the crowd of other products it might not reach the sales you expect it to. Keep it simple is usually a good thing to keep in mind when designing a packaging. Know who your target is and speak to them directly.

how does it work?

Decide what you would like your design to look like and give the designers clear instructions by filling out a special form (the brief). If you want, our experts can help you fill it out. Specify, the budget for your packaging design contest and start it immediately after the payment is confirmed!
Hundreds of designers compete by sending you their artwork. During the contest you can interact with them and offer your suggestions to get the packaging that is best for you! You can save the best artwork in your ?favorites? section, which makes the final choice easier!
Choose the design that best fits your idea, and that?s all you?ve had to pay for! Right after selecting the winner get access to the source files so you can use it asap.

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