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What makes a good business card?

The business card is what stays with your clients, suppliers, partners... long after you are gone. It better be good, don't you agree? It should speak for you; the design should allow people to have an idea of the kind of company you are. The best business cards are simple, they give all the important information about you/your company with a great design that is consistent with your other marketing material.

Most business encounters start or end with a business card exchange. You should make this ritual count by having a powerful card; after all it's got your name on it!

jak to dziaƂa?

Think about what you would like your business cards to look like and share your thoughts with the designers by filling out a special form (the brief). If you want, our experts can help you fill it out. Specify, the budget for your business cards design contest and start it immediately after the payment is confirmed!
Hundreds of designers are submitting designs just for you. During the contest you can give them suggestions to get the business card that?s right for you! You can save the best artwork in your ?favorites? section, and save a lot of time when you have to make the final decision!
Choose the one design that best fits your idea, and that?s all you?ve had to pay for! Right after selecting the winning artwork you will get instant access to all the files to start using them asap.

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