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Topics: Privacy and copyrights

We care about your copyrights, they are 100% safe on our platform. All source files, which you upload to our servers, can be only accessed by you and our administrators. No one can change, edit and move your files unless they are purchased. If you do... more »
All creations submitted to our Service are protected with Polish Copyright Law from 4 February 1994. Respecting copyrights is our highest priority. Every user who signs up to our platform, agrees to respecting the Regulations and copyrights (never to... more »
Nobody can use, relocate and modify your work unless it is bought.Your creation also can not be copied and each attempt plagiarism causes the removal of the guilty individual. more »
All data you upload to the Service are strictly protected. We only collect the data, which is necessary for the internal use on the platform. You can see, modify and delete your personal data at all times. Remember to give us the necessary data for... more »
Find out more about Copyright agreement in our rules and regulations. Using the Service is synonymous to making a copyright agreement. It does not differ from standard agreements concluded between creators and clients, but read it carefully. If... more »
The main rule is that your work must be 100% original. In case of a logotype design, you can not use clip-arts or stock materials. You can only use elements for which you own copyrights. If your creation contains paid elements (for which you do not own... more »
Offering you creation in the Marketplace or submitting it for a contest you declare that you are the creation?s author and you own its copyright, as well as all the external elements that you might have used according to create it. During the contest,... more »
This kind of elements can be used, in moderation, in larger projects like websites or leaflets, where they are only minor part of the work. Never use ready formats when creating smaller elements like logotypes etc. A logotype must be 100% original - in... more »
You can use open source fonts, system fonts and fonts for which you own the license. You can use paid fonts (which licence does not belong to you). However, in this case, you have to mention it when submitting your creation. When you win a competitions... more »
Wingdings font is copyrighted, therefore you cannot use it in your work. If you use other fonts, make sure if they are not similarly limited. Some symbols (e.g. recycling symbol), included in some fonts are open source and can be easily incorporated... more »
You can use such elements only if they are minor part of a larger creation or if you modify them significantly. They can not be a central element of a logotype design - it must be 100% original. Widely available symbols and images are copyrighted.... more »
Those situations are very rare, due to our very strict rules and precautions for source files limited access (only the designer and administration can access them - a contest holder or a client can only access them when he/she buys the creation and the... more »

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All creations submitted to our Service are protected with Polish Copyright Law from 4 February...
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