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What are the rules for contest participation?
The main rule is that your work must be 100% original. In case of a logotype design, you can not use clip-arts or stock materials.
You can only use elements for which you own copyrights. If your creation contains paid elements (for which you do not own the copyright and that need to be purchased) and you win the contest you will get 50% of the prize straight away. After you purchase those elements and make the creation complete you will get the remaining 50% of your prize.
You can only use fonts, for which you own copyrights. If you use a font that is not free, keep in mind that if you win the contest, you are obliged to pay for it. Make sure that fonts you use can be used commercially.
Do not plagiarise! You can inspire yourself with other work submitted for a contest, but make sure, you do not plagiarise. If necessary, i.e your work shows evidence of plagiarism, it will be removed immediately.
Remember, that you can be held responsible for any legal issue and dispute regarding the use of forbidden elements or a problem with copyright.
Try to follow the directives on the brief very carefully. A piece of work which does not meet the client?s expectations are wasting your time, even though if they look very attractive and professional. Creations, which differ a lot from client?s directives, might not pass the moderation and quality control process.
Familiarize yourself carefully with the technical requirements for each contest and follow them. Creations which do not meet the requirements will not be allowed in the contest.
Do not attempt to contact a client outside the Service in order to ?make a deal?. Such practice ends up with the removal from our platform.
Do not submit low-quality, incomplete work. Unfinished, unprofessional creations done with inappropriate tools will not be permitted to a contest. Every work which does not meet our technical and aesthetic requirements will not pass the moderation and quality control process.

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