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We care about your copyrights, they are 100% safe on our platform. All source files, which you upload to our servers, can be only accessed by you and our administrators. No one can change, edit and move your files unless they are purchased. If you do not win a competition, your files are removed straight away from our servers.
Preview files - visible to everyone - are watermarked. Preview files remain on our service (they create your portfolio) even if you do not win a contest. You can remove them yourself anytime.
When your creation is purchased (either through the Marketplace or through a contest) copyright is passed to the buyer. Keep that in mind! When you sell your work, you do not have the right to use it or sell anymore. At the same time, the new owner can modify it. The buyer decides who makes necessary corrections.
We have very strict anti-plagiarism policy. If you use others? works on our platform, your creations are confusingly similar or contain elements which you do not own the rights to - your account will be banned or even deleted! Always use your own, 100% original work.

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