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Can I expect money refund if none one submitted works satisfied my expectations?
If none of the submitted works satisfy your expectations, you should:

a) extend the deadline by minimum 14 days
b) redefine contest`s brief, if the problem stems from its imprecision. Remember, that none drastic changes can be done, which dramatically change brief`s character (e.g. drastic colour change, or radical change of motives).

You can also:

a) upload additional, suplementary materials for designers
b) give designers feedback about designs with requst for improvements (request need to be done individualy to each designer, and designrs are not obliged to make them)

Where justified, in case none creations meeting your requirements have been submitted to your contest (as long as the brief is correct), you will get the right to get operational costs and Mintia`s commission back, and in some instances - all amount paid. Each case will be considered individualy, because of necessity of making sure all agreement between Mintia and contest`s users` conditions must be checked.

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