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On the main page, click an item you want to print. You will be redirected to the ?place an order? menu. If you have ready the documents ready, you just need to upload them. At this stage you can set all the parameters (type of paper, format, issue etc.... more »
You can cancel your order only within one hour after placing it.This is the time it takes the order to go to our implementation department, namely printing. If you cancel it within one hour, all your money will be refunded. Unfortunately, if the... more »
We check all submitted creations in terms of technical requirements. We do not check aesthetic issues, text?s correctness, misspellings etc. It is your responsibility to check your documents in those terms and these shortcomings can not be a valid... more »
If you do not have the design for a specific project (business cards, brochures, leaflets...), and want to get it - launch a contest for it. All elements which can be printed can be designed by our designers community. Think about what you need, and... more »
Every one which is mentioned on our main page! With us, you can realize small format prints: leaflets, business cards, posters, folders, letterheads, as well as large format prints: advertisements, banners, magnetic car signs etc. If none of these fit... more »
It depends of your geographical location. the platform will ask you about it and calculate the price for you more »
We usually work that way because we are printing many personalised creations, which can only be used by the client who places the order. You can however cancel the order up to one hour after the purchase. Remember, that if your order is already in... more »
We usually work that way because we are printing many personalised creations, which can only be used by the client who places the order. more »
The prints will be delivered to the address of your choosing. Additional costs might apply for multiple addresses, please contact us. You can call us, send a message, or leave your phone number and we will call you back. Not every printing house offers... more »

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We care about your copyrights, they are 100% safe on our platform. All source files, which you...
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In case of open contests, logged users can see and comment submitted works. This is beneficial...
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It depends how many creations you want to receive as well as your budget. Our prices vary...
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Your source files are located on our servers. Access to them is granted to the Service?s...
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Not necessarily, however if you are designing your website, the logo might be very useful. Your...
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Hidden contests can be only seen by logged users and/or can not be seen in search engines.
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Wingdings font is copyrighted, therefore you cannot use it in your work. If you use other fonts,...
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All those which break the Platform?s regulations. mainly the ones who present evident plagiarism...
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All contests are open by default, which means that every submitted work can be seen by everyone....
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You have, first of all, to wait until the contest ends. Once it is over, all you need to do is go...
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