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The Marketplace is a kind of online store with ready to use creative work and designs. There are two ways a creation can be in the Marketplace: it can be submitted directly by a designer or be redirected their if it has not been chosen in a contest. In... more »
If you like a creation in the Marketplace but you want some corrections - contact us:! before or after the purchase. Some corrections (like replacing default logo for your own) are free of charge. In case of more drastic changes we can... more »
When you offer a design for sale on the Marketplace or submit it to a competition, you accept to resign the copyright for the benefit of the contest holder/buyer as soon as the purchase is made. No one can correct your work until it is bought - all... more »
It is totally up to you. You can either do it for free (if the changes are minor) or price the service. If you do not have the time to do it - direct the client to us or contact us: After he buys the design we can take care of the... more »

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It depends on you, whether you win a competition or not. If you?ve won, access is only granted to...
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No, each work should be fresh and original every time. Remember, do not over-use the same graphic...
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The ?add to my favourites? button allows you to ?save? the creations that you really like. During...
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First of all - Congratulations! The next step depends on the type of contest which you have won....
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Of course, you can! Set it up as ?private? and it will be hidden, and only visible for registered...
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If a contest holder decides, the competition can be hidden. In this case, all designers who...
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If you like a creation in the Marketplace but you want some corrections - contact us:...
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Our platform is meant to be international and allows people to create contests from all over the...
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Do you have any of these problems? I have paid, but the contest is not active (cannot see it)....
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The clause about passing copyright and other necessary agreements about selling your creation are...
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