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Contest Holder Guidelines
  • Kindness. When contacting designers, who are working on your contest, or browsing through creations of other designers in the Marketplace, obey basic rules of kindness. Remember, that they work very hard and engage in their work to satisfy your needs and expectations.
  • Keep the brief clear and simple. Think of what you need and then translate it into words. All the designers get is your brief and some additional documents as an inspiration for their work. You will get better creations, when your brief answers to all the questions. In other words, leave no room for doubt.
  • Active participation in the contest. Get involved in the contest. Add the creations you like to your favourites, give feedback to designers, check new creations.
  • Proper order. Do not try to run separate contests for your logo, website and business cards design at the same time. Numerous contests at one time are difficult to manage and the results will be incoherent. Be patient. If you are not sure about how many contests to post and what order would be the best - pay attention to suggestions we give you or simply contact us[link]
  • Respect copyrights. Do not copy in any manner any of the preview files. Remember, that you only own the copyrights for the creations which you select or the ones that you buy.
  • Be careful when choosing the winner. There is no way to turn this step back.
  • Consider your contest seriously. Be honest and fair. For designers, this is serious as well. They invest their precious time for you. Spend more time for looking through designers works. Think twice before you award the 2nd and the 3rd places. These are also very important places, not only do they pay off 5% of the prize each, they are also a great distinction for the designers.

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