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Work`s Originality.
By taking part in a competition, submitting a creation to the Marketplace or other sections, you declare, that your work is 100% original and that you are its copyright owner. If you, knowingly or unconsciously break this rule, your work will be removed from the platform, and your account will be banned or deleted. If a client, who buys your work faces legal actions because of it - you will be prosecuted.
On our platform, all users can see their peers work as well as work from contests they participated (in case of an open contests). Remember, that there is a difference between following a brief and plagiarising other designers.
Let?s take the example of a website contest for a florist. If the contest holder requires florist motive, majority of designs will include flowers. This is the obvious and recommended way to design it, however, make sure that all your graphic elements and layout are your own conception. They should be original, so that nobody doubts whether the type, colour scheme or layout are your own creativity. We treat each plagiarism suspicion very seriously - if your creation falls in this category, it will be withdrawn from the competition or removed from the platfrorm.

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